Welcome to Find the Luv, your source for the latest posts published on CommentLuv enabled blogs. We’ve compiled the top CommentLuv enabled blogs and organized them by topic so you can find relevant communities within your niche to engage with as well as share your latest blog post with.

What are CommentLuv enabled blogs?

CommentLuv enabled blogs are blogs that allow you to leave a link to the latest blog post you have published along with your comment in addition to the link to your blog itself. It’s a great way to promote your latest piece of content with other blog readers in the same niche.

How does CommentLuv work?

It’s simple. Visit a CommentLuv enabled blog, find a post that inspires you to leave a comment that is valuable to the blog author and other blog readers, and leave a great comment. When you fill out your name, email, website link, and comment, you’ll see a CommentLuv checkbox or dropdown beneath the comment form. Select one of your latest posts to leave with your commment and submit your comment. Upon approval, your comment along with your website link and latest blog post link will appear within the comments.

See our quick post on how to comment on CommentLuv blogs for a visual reference to commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs. Also, be sure to read our best tips to make sure your comments get approved.

How do I use this site?

Use the topics list to the right to find the blogs in your niche that are CommentLuv enabled. You will find a list of the latest blog posts published within that particular topic. Just click on a link to a blog post that you find interesting, read it, and leave a valuable comment!

I found a blog that is not CommentLuv enabled anymore…

Unfortunately, blogs do modify their comment systems periodically. We rely on you to let us know when a blog has switched from being CommentLuv enabled by contacting us.

How can I add my site to a topic list?

Do you have a CommentLuv enabled blog, or know of one that is missing from the list? That’s awesome! Contact us and let us know about it.

How can I make my blog CommentLuv enabled?

If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can install the free version of CommentLuv that allows comment authors on your site to leave behind a link to their latest post.

You may also want to look into CommentLuv Pro, the premium version of the plugin that has more features as well as great additional plugins that allow comment authors to leave behind a link to their Twitter profile and adds an easy to use checkbox captcha to your comment form for spam prevention.

Ps. Don’t worry about SEO – you can make the link nofollow if you so choose.

What did you use to make this site?

CommentLuv enabled blogs were discovered using BuiltWith. Posts from the top CommentLuv enabled blogs are displayed using WP RSS Aggregator with the Categories add-on. The design is Eleven 40 by StudioPress. Comments, of course, are powered by CommentLuv Pro.

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